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Scooterists are a vocal bunch. If you have something to say to NYC Scootering Towers and don’t want to confine it to the page comments, reach out to us directly by emailing our editor.

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  • Andrea said:


    I have a Yamaha Vino 49cc. I would like to ride to the city. Can you pls tell me if I can use 59 bridge?

    Thank you

  • admin (author) said:

    We’d recommend you keep bridge use to a minimum on a 49cc. It’s certainly possible but you’ll need a steady hand. It’s worth doing some research to find out which is the least busiest of the bridges. I certainly find the Manhattan Bridge safer than the Brooklyn Bridge, but have never tried the 59th street bridge.

    Good luck, ride safe, and let us know how you get on.

  • Meg said:

    I’d just like to introduce you to World Scooterist Network

    The Brand New and Fast growing social networking site exclusively for traditional scooterists.

    Create a profile, add pics. upload videos,forum, live chat,events and much much more…..if you are a

    Lambretta or a Vespa scooter fan then this is the website for you!!


  • Jones-Munoz said:

    I’m looking for someone to airbrush my Honda scooter….. Previous owner did some ok repainting but I want to make it look unique. Any suggestions? Reply to Jonesmunoznyc@me.com

  • Miguel said:


    First, thank you for the solid site!

    Second, just my two cents, but I find the Brooklyn Bridge safer than Manhattan Bridge for crossing on a 49cc as the MB has these innerving metal “teeth” that join stretches of the bridge at they make the scooter wheels tremble in a most uncomfortable way. For BB, I just get into left lane, ride safe and upright and have had no trouble at all.

    And third, a question. Since Broolynbretta’s closing, I’ve not found a suitable repair shop for my Buddy 50. Any thoughts/suggestions? Prefer Manhattan or Brooklyn.


  • nycscootering said:

    Miguel, I wholeheartedly recommend you speak to Robbie at Scooter Bottega in Red Hook for all your Buddy repair needs. He and his mechanic Kevin took over the Brooklynbretta work when they closed. Good luck.

  • Miguel said:


  • Zachary said:

    Hey there, I really like your scooter site!
    I was at oddscoot classic also, guy on black twist and go, 300cc with the silly loud pipe- it was a loaner,
    My stella was hit by a van last month…
    I’m in the market for a Lammy. How has your experience been so far?
    Do you have any of those great stickers for sale?

    Hope to meet you soon!

  • nycscootering said:

    Zach, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about the Stella. There should be plenty of Lammy updates shortly. Been swamped with some other stories. Email us your address and we can send on some stickers.

  • Ryan Light said:

    hey guys!
    Love the site, miss my home in NYC- moved out to austin, TX

    I would however, love to rock one of your stickers on my metropolitan. How can i get my hands on one? I didn’t see a store section of your site.


    2605 Enfield Rd #209 Austin, TX 78703

  • fernando said:

    Do you know our antitheft system?
    Please see in you tube bloca manubrio.

  • Christopher Ward said:

    Nice site.

    I’ll keep checking back to see what’s new!

  • Robert said:

    I have a 2003 Vespa. It is the small engine, I believe it is 49CC.
    I asked at a NYC police station about insurance, they said I did not need insurance in NYC as long as the scooter was 49CC or less. (I think I am correct saying 49CC)
    I got a ticket for not having insurance. The officer said that when he pulled up my info it said I am exempt from insurance but he gave me a ticket anyway.
    I will lose my driving privileges in NY for not having insurance. I need something to take to Cort to show that I am not required to have insurance in NY. Can you tell me how to find this type of a document?
    You can call me at 646-660-4794
    My name is Robert, Thank you.

  • nycscootering said:

    Robert, I’ll let others weigh in on this, but as I understand it, for 49cc scooters you don’t generally require a MOTORCYCLE LICENSE (as in Class M on your license.)

    All vehicles on the road, as far as I know DO require insurance.

    But the 49cc license rule is not black and white, because it is not a matter of engine size, more top speed. If your bike can sustain a top speed over 30 mph, you need an M endorsement.

  • sarel said:


    Hope you are well. I have a Piaggio BV 250 and I believe I need a new left brake for my Vespa. My Vespa fell and my mirror got out of its place. The mirror is not broken but the part that screwed in is broken. I’m not sure what’s the correct name for it but it is the part that holds the mirror and connect to the left brake.

    Thank you, Sarel

  • Leonardo said:

    hello to Leonardo to France,

    we are a club too about old Vespa way, if you look on “google” :

    passion vespa vintage 57

    it’s nice blog, thanks, Leonardo.

  • marian said:

    hey guys,

    I just finished my 1977 sprint veloce project, I thought you might like it!

    here’s the link: http://www.t5sprintveloce.blogspot.com

    have a good one!

  • Kelvin said:

    Hey, love your website, but not as much as I love THE Vespa and its culture. Just bought 2 new-old stock 2005 Px’s off ebay. Plan to put them in storage for a few years so I can enjoy a 10 or 15 year old “new” Vespa Px in the future. Any long term storage suggestions? This topic may be of interest to anyone who is away for a time and wants to keep a scoot in storage instead of selling. After all, it is getting harder and more expensive to find a good Px. I’m also looking to start my first rebuild on an ’80 P200, I figure it will take me a few years as I am very specific in what I want it to be. And finally, what is a fair price for an all original ’64 V_ _. Owner has title, but it was not available b/c he did not know where his wife put the key for the cabinet it was kept in. It is all original 8″ wheels, original saddle and passenger seat in good condition (no rips or tears) with just a few missing parts (replacement fuel shut-off valve handle and a piece of chrome where the chrome for the legshield meets is missing). Just surface rust and no dents. Very straight and well kept overall. Runs, but needs gas tank cleaned (rusty).

    Keep up the great work.

  • Stian said:


  • naita barrow said:

    i am just starting out on a JL6 2012 I need help with learning to ride and learning about certains parts of my bike! Please help me someone its brand new and I don’t want to mess things up or get into an accident! Thank you Naita!

    p.s I live in Manhattan in the 90′s upper west side area!

  • Luciano said:

    Hello, my name is Luciano from Argentina. I have a Sprint Veloce Vespa model ’78 and I need some parts for repair . I have a friend who will stay in New York the next week. Can you tell me where I can buy this parts?
    Sorry for my English, I dont speak very well .
    Thank you for you support.

  • Marc Pels said:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Do you know if it’s legal to park a moped or scooter on a sidewalk in NYC?


    Marc Pels

  • admin (author) said:

    Marc – in short, no. Though many riders in New York do so with various degrees of success, typically removing plates, and covering their bike. Parking on the sidewalk in highly trafficked areas like Midtown in front of commercial properties or large residential buildings will often attract unwanted attention from the NYPD or building supervisors leading to impounding. Residential areas tend to be less problematic. When in doubt, park on the street.

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