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Police crackdown on Midtown parking
Posted by: Paul
16 April 2010 5,545 views 7 Comments

header policenotice Police crackdown on Midtown parking

It’s official. While the NYPD is at liberty to take action on illegally parked scooters and motorcycles at anytime, the issue of logistics means they can only muscle behind the effort in waves. We’re in one of those waves now.

The above sign was spotted in Midtown this morning in the Grand Central area, next to a popular spot for street-parking for motorcycles and scooters. While two-wheelers tend not to park on the sidewalk on this particular block, the local precinct is sending out a clear message and posting it where it knows it will get in front of the right eyeballs. While many of the bikes that do park in the area regularly park on the street without their plates, the NYPD is specifically focusing its message on sidewalk parking.

Earlier this week, a flatbed truck was spotted in the East 60s rounding up scooters that had been parked on the sidewalk. The photograph below was snapped by NY Scooter Club member, Aawaters. Clearly the predominate machines on the back of the truck are Vespas and shiny new ones at that. No motorcycles.

header truckofvespas Police crackdown on Midtown parking

Photograph by NY Scooter Club member, Aawaters.

Retrieving your scooter from the pound is a costly process, and many pounds charge by the hour or by the day, so the longer it is before you recover your wheels, the more it’s going to cost you. In addition, your local NYPD truck driver is not going to give your scooter any more TLC than it deserves, and it’s an unfortunate fact that bikes get scratched, dropped, and otherwise damaged during the process of muscling them onto the back of the truck.

You have been warned. Keep off the sidewalk.

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  • ulises said:

    Do you know if they also took vespas that were chain to something?

  • admin (author) said:

    We don’t know that but in the past the NYPD has certainly cut locks.

  • MysterE3 said:

    They will cut locks, but if you have one of those really good locks and chains, then they need to call out the special trucks that have the heavy equipment and they are less likely to do that. but, you cant count on that. especially if you continually park in one place they will eventually go through the effort of moving you. Trust me i know. and since i removed my plate, they never even gave me any tickets, so it was a bit of a surprise when they went through that effort all of a sudden.

  • Cirrux said:

    I use to have a Vespa. I use to park it on the corners where they had bike stands to lock up your bicycle. What they should do is make a small strip on the street just to park your scooter or motorcycle. It could work like a Handicap spot or Hydrant. It should be the size of a XLT Surburbon. Nine times out of ten they wouldn’t and if they did other cars would park there even with signs…

  • Jesse said:

    If you want dedicated scooter & motorcycle parking in NYC you need to get involved!

    Last week the NY Motorcycle & Scooter Task Force (NYMSTF.org) made a presentation to Community Board #2 in Manhattan (West Village, SOHO, Little Italy, etc) asking them to approve seven locations for DEDICATED scooter/motorcycle parking.

    Where were YOU? Did you attend the meeting? Did you write a letter?

    Let me tell you something: There was ONE letter written to the CB2 Transportation committee from a resident who didn’t like “Loud Bikes.” The chair of the committee read the letter. If ONE scooter rider wrote a letter explaining how their scooter has been knocked over while legally parked, THAT would have made a difference. If FIVE or TEN people wrote that letter, there would be no question — we would have gotten everything we asked for.

    Go buy a stamp and an envelope right now. Type up a letter on your computer. Print. Sign. Send this letter to the Transportation Committee of CB2/Manhattan and CB4/Manhattan, as well as to whatever CB you live or work in. Do It Now. Need the address? Google it, you lazy bastard!

    Either that, or stop complaining about the city not liking scooters. Just admit, you don’t mind being discriminated against very much.

    FYI, we have another presentation for CB4/Manhattan TOMORROW night, 4/21 if you care to attend.

    DATE: Wednesday, April 21, 2010
    TIME: 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
    PLACE: Holland House, 351 W. 42nd Street, Piano Room

  • scootmom said:

    ugh! what to do about tkt for NOT DISPLAYING MUNI METER RECEIPT! in midtown – e 55 bet park and mad on a saturday!! all legal, not impeding traffic nor taking a spot- plates on. HELP. any advice? should i fight the tkt??

  • david said:


    I am thinking of getting a scoot to commute to work daily to 46th and 6th ave. Where am I able to park? Does anyone have any advice/experience? Any would be appreciated. Thanks!

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